Thoughts and Thanks

"I'd like to take the time to say a thing or two about my experience with AMR. At first, from what my resume showed, I felt unworthy of such a hardworking and upbeat agency's time. But alas, the agency saw potential in my future and since then has helped me to grow and continue to grow into a mature actor. What I love about AMR is the fact that they are dead set on a positive outlook and have an unflinching sense of perseverance. In times where I would have shreds of doubt or even a onset of nervousness, AMR has always pushed me to do better and to work harder as I grow.  Through all of this, I think what I love about AMR most is that they have allowed me to see the potential in myself and a new appreciation for the craft that I will love doing for the rest of my life.  I thank The AMR Agency from the bottom of my heart. They have never let me down and I do not plan on letting them down either."

- Alexander

"What I love about AMR is that they are reachable!! I am new to acting and even newer to having an agent so when I have a question that may sound like a "stupid" question, they have never made me feel that way. AWESOME! I have learned so much about agencies and the responsibilities of an agency. Great to be apart of the family!! AMR has helped me learn the "job" of an agency and the "job" of an actor. They have truly helped me step out on faith because they saw something in me that I doubted. Now I can see the potential and I know what I need to do to pull it out because of AMR! Thank you!!"

- Michael


"I love the fact that The AMR agency is located right here in Atlanta. They didn't ask for any money up front or tell me that I had to work with their in house photographer and spend a crazy amount of money. They took me in as a model because they saw potential in me and have kept word on all the promises they promised me. They set me up on my training class as well as gave me my free photos that all new talent receives. I'm so grateful to be working with such an amazing Agency."

- Sapphire

"First, after being signed with several "well-known" agencies in the Atlanta area, I can literally count the number of audition/casting opportunities that I've received from them on one hand. But before I even signed my official contract with AMR, I received so many castings. I NEVER have to wonder whether or not you guys are working on my behalf, because it is evident! I love the down-to-earth and family-like atmosphere of the agency and I appreciate all of your hard work!! Keep it up!"

- Tiffany

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